Heart rate training
for professionals

Activio Sport System is the leading heart rate training system used by professional athletes, coaches, researchers and schools all over the world. It enables physical information to be recorded and analyzed in real time – the hard facts needed to perfect both team and individual training programs. This can be done during training or actual match play without impeding the athletes’ performance.

For physical status checks

With the lightweight and portable system it’s easy for coaches to get a comprehensive and accurate status on the team’s and each individual player’s physical status.

For designing training programs

Having real time information on every player’s physical status makes it possible to optimize each player’s fitness level and performance, without running the risk of overtraining.

For tracking training progress

Activio Sport System saves all raw data and real time analyses, enabling accurate tracking of the team’s and each individual player’s response to a training regime, This makes it much easier for coaches to design training programs and make necessary microadjustments during each session.

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