We believe in more activity and movement in the classrooms and during physical educations for better health and study results.
All science reports are showing that’s the case, even Europe Active are highlighting it now:


“Active classrooms have the potential to improve physical activity levels of children.

A recently published research report shows that an ‘active classroom’ intervention can lead to a prolonged increase of the physical activity levels of primary school children.
The intervention integrated movement into academic lessons during class time and throughout the school day. Accelerometers were used to gather physical activity data at baseline, post-intervention and at 4 months follow-up.

A significant difference in daily activity levels was identified between the treatment and control groups from the baseline to the follow-up 4 months later.
This shows that encouraging children with exercise classes leads to a prolonged increase of their physical activity levels.
Europe Active supports this and runs the ALCIS2 project providing fun-based exercise classes to local schools. Already reaching over 20.000 children in 11 European Countries.”

The full research report can be read here: http://journals.humankinetics.com/doi/10.1123/jpah.2016-0358

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