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Activio is a Sweden-based company that provides performance measurement systems to fitness and professional sports industries with a focus on the global health and fitness market for over 19 years. Activio is a forerunner within the heart rate and power group training, being the first in its field to offer systems developed specifically for group training. Always passionately striving for quality and design, we firmly believe that training, fun, and results really belong together. That is why we focus on clubs, facilities and people who are giving it all to their training, to help them have fun while working out - and get great results along the way.

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The company’s products and services have been developed in cooperation with leading organizations in the training industry and sports research, including the Swedish Olympic Committee, the Swedish Football Association, the Royal College of Sports Sciences in Stockholm (GIH), the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Karolinska Institute. Activio products are available in over 1,500 facilities in 18 countries around the world and are used by leading sports clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea FC, Arsenal and large Scandinavian health fitness providers like SATS, Nordic Wellness and Friskis & Svettis. Activio head office is located in Båstad, Sweden with multiple resellers in several other countries around the world. If you want to know more about how to represent Activio as a reseller in your region or country, please email us at contact@activiofitness.com.


In 2019, Activio took another large step forward when partnering with SVEXA (Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics), and their world-class team of researchers from Stanford University, Karolinska Institute, and the University of Oxford. The objective is to help athletes and teams to optimize their training and perform at their best. SVEXA combines expertise in sport physiology, precision health and data science with a deep understanding in technology, wearable sensors, AI and molecular profiling to help athletes and teams. Insights that will be built into the Activio platform and App.

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