Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics (SVEXA), an innovative physical training intelligence company, announced partnerships with Activio International AB to provide algorithms to optimize the management and training of their clients and athletes.

Mikael Mattsson, SVEXA’s CEO explains:

“We take huge pride in our unique team, which combines knowledge in areas such as exercise physiology, metabolomics and other biomarkers, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, and an actual understanding of the practical situation for the coaches. With this team, we saw an opportunity to go beyond typical data analysis offered to sports teams and athletes, incorporating our deep understanding of elite athlete physiology to produce genuinely individualized recommendations

SVEXA’s metrics and algorithms can also be used to improve training understanding and recommendations for recreational athletes and in group fitness classes.

Activio’s CEO Moris Lahdo explains:

“As club owners and operators look for ways to remain competitive in the fitness landscape, it is clear that designing authentic and innovative experiences which members are excited to return to is critical for success. We know this well and we have continuously contributed to increased attendance and member retention in fitness clubs all over Scandinavia for over a decade now. The collaboration with Svexa will bring higher value to fitness clubs, school and teams through our new solution.”

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