GAMIFICATION: Forget that you are exercising

After a while, old training programmes may no longer feel like a healthy routine. They feel like an annoying rut. Something that members enjoyed in the beginning may feel like an obligation after a while. Some people need a little extra motivation. Implementing gamification can help.



Some people allow a motivation hole to negatively affect their performance and the benefits of training. Building intrinsic motivation will make training more attractive again and improve one’s performance. Because training is physically demanding, alternative motivators such as entertainment and encouragement through games can be very effective for a variety of exercisers. Games are motivating because they include progression, feedback, action and a challenge.


Some members have the goal of beating themselves. This can be stimulated by a progression display that makes the goal visible. NIKE+ is a very good example of this, as you earn badges for completed challenges. It is also in our nature to want to beat our peers in competition. Of course, this is in the context of a friendly challenge. A leaderboard in your club can help as a motivator. This (playful) element also helps to build a community that is not only motivated but also stays with it for a long time.


Gamification is the application of game elements in “non-game” environments. These elements are used to motivate their users and their experience. Gamified elements are enticing, engaging, motivating and binding for the user.


Wearables like armbands and training belts are growing in popularity and the potential in terms of health and sport is increasing significantly. It can take many months to form new habits. In the beginning, consistency is the word to success. These devices can help promote stamina and consistency, for example with regularly tracked successful workouts. You don’t want to break that streak of success.

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