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ACTIVIO is a Swedish product & swcompany with focus on global health & fitness. We optimize training by tapping into the most powerful source; The Human Heart

Science & Tech_

The All-in-one
solution of activio with Club pack

ACTIVIO use science and technology to drive positive outcomes for people at all fitness levels. The technology allows clubs, coaches and personal trainers to show high level visual content on multiple digital displays so coaches can spend more time concentrating on members in opposed to showing them how to do an exercise. ACTIVIO use superior prescribed heart rate tech and watts to drive members results. Adding competitions red❤️ vs blue💙 and the mobility coaching like Coach by Code via the mobile app strengthen customer retention and training outcome.

With the all-in-one club pack, users will receive the Activio computer, the central login screen, receivers and an option of uniquely numbered chest belts. The chest belt measures and transmits heart rate data wirelessly to a receiver and a computer with a high accuracy and stability. After logging in on the easy-to-use touchscreen display, each user can instantly monitor their heart rate data or power data on a widescreen display or a LED screen. The motivating power of being able to monitor your exact heart rate or power is great, helping users on all levels to improve their performance, overall health and get the results they want.

Touchscreen + -

There is a central control unit with touchscreen interface for quick and easy user login and instructor control. Another option for instructors is to control the Activio Solution via the Activio mobile App.

Heart rate display + -

The displays presents every users exact heart rate. It is incredibly motivating for users on all levels! If Activio Virtual Trainer/Class Designer Tool is used, participants can follow the instructor’s direction for the class, making it easy to prepare and plan your workout.

My.Activiofitness.com + -

Using the portal My.Activiofitness.com will offer users to access all their training data via the Activio mobile App. All training data is automatically uploaded after each training session to the mobile App. Instructors can design heart rate and power profiles on the portal My.Activiofitness.com or in the mobile App.

Tablet software + -

Use the software as a mobile solution for personal training and group training. The Tablet software can be integrated as a flexible component to an already existing Activio solution. Users simply put on a chest belt, log in on the Surface tablet or laptop and join the heart rate training. Individual heart rates are then continuously presented on the integrated display or on a projector or LED screen. It can be extended to support power (watts) in the cycling room as well. The Tablet software has a long range and is designed for secure transmissions, even in environments with high level of interference.


Content on delivery_

Hardware (optional)

Hardware, complete setup


Software, license key and support help

Hardware (optional)

Heart Rate Chest Belt

Hardware (optional)

Activio Smart belt


Wireless bridge to transmit data




Virtual trainer / Class Designer


(Optional) education by Master Trainer


Installation on-site / by remote support

Activio solution – from €29 per month*.

With one or several Activio solutions, you get an unrivaled level of service – making your club’s offer very attractive to members who are looking for a truly integrated training experience.

* dependent on choice, flex-leasing, new business model with e-commerce and 6 campaigns/year.

The heart of your club

Up to several hundred users simultaneously
Range up to 300m
Battery life up to 1.500 hours
Connect to the most common wearables or sensors


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Club member items_

Activio has a range of professional equipment for your members for use inside and outside the club.
Your members can buy them in our webshop, and most of all, they directly support your club!

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