Booking system, a tool for great service

Service has become one of the most important elements for members. As experience increases, so does value. A booking system can be a simple tool to add more value to your service.


Efficiency with a booking system

In the past, fitness clubs used tons of paper when it came to memberships or payments. Nowadays, that is no longer necessary. Now there are systems that automate all of this. You can set up memberships, discounts or even membership breaks digitally. Software that includes a schedule will give your members a simple way to make appointments, or book group fitness classes.

Manage bookings

It’s important to schedule the appropriate classes for your members. This will help them avoid overbooking or duplicate bookings. If you use a booking system, your customers can conveniently book classes at any time of the day or night.

Avoid overbooking

When you use a booking system, it gives you the ability to manage bookings. As a fitness club owner, you have the ability to confirm, cancel or rebook bookings. This way overbookings can be avoided in consultation with the members. At the same time you can check which days and times are successful and if necessary turn a few screws.


Integrate members

Some systems send reminders to your customers about upcoming events. This keeps your members optimally informed and increases their trust in your service. “Follow Ups” and reminders keep your members up-to-date and will keep them excited.

Key in your customer journey

The booking system is an important part of a customer journey, resulting in a stronger and larger customer base. For more information regarding the customer journey, you can read this article.

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