Added value for your club

How it works:

A fitness club can buy the Activio solution for a fee of  249 euros per month for 24 months. After this period, the club only pays a software fee of 49 euros per month.

Activio provides direct marketing campaigns to the club members and their friends. Main objectives are to motivate members to use Activio in-and-outside the club, and buying the innovative wearables on our webshop. The fitness club gets a commission on sales of wearables. The monthly commission is normally higher than the monthly 249 euros fee for the Activio solution. All monthly commission above 249 euro is used as a credit in your personal profile on our webshop. The fitness club can order extra hardware using this credit amount.

The local distributor provides training on how to use the solution in motivating club members to be successful inside and outside the club. Be your personal best