Virtual Reality and fitness: can VR help you exercise?

Working out is essential to a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, if done too intensely, can lead to pain. Many people see this as a barrier to physical activity. In recent years, computer technology has created new ways to promote active living, including virtual reality.

Increased intensity and duration

Lessening pain and discomfort could help many people incorporate healthy workout routines into their daily lives. Less pain and longer time to exhaustion means it’s possible to exercise longer and more intensely. And to do so for a longer period of time. In addition to the use of a performance measurement solution, the use of virtual reality during sport can also have physiological and psychological influences. Negative sensations can be ”switched off” when users are distracted or the environment changes.


Low heart rate

Research from the University of Kent has shown that people who wore a VR headset during exercise had a lower heart rate, less internal tension and less pain than people who did not wear a headset. Additionally, they had a longer time to exhaustion (+- 3 minutes longer). Virtual reality gives individuals the ability to exercise longer without putting great stress on the heart. Much to the benefit of individuals with cardiac issues, as it is possible to exercise the heart with little risk of complications.

Performance enhancement with VR

VR is used as a training tool in many different sports such as cycling, fitness, football, etc. It can be used to analyze athletic performance as well as technique. 3D systems can highlight pinpoint aspects of an athlete’s performance that include biomechanics and technique. This technology can be used to improve specific parts of one’s performance.


Striving for Perfection with Virtual Reality

Athletes are constantly striving to improve their performance. This drives the sports industry, clothing, equipment and co, as they must try to keep up with the latest findings. VR is used in the design of sportswear and equipment. For example, in the design of running shoes.

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