The Customer Journey

Over the past decade, consumer demand within the fitness industry has changed significantly. One challenge for most gyms is engaging with and retaining customers. Studios that focus on customer service achieve better results in the long run. A beautiful customer journey creates value for the customer, and by enhancing it, companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract loyal customers



Competition within the fitness industry has grown over the past few decades. The result of this is that retaining customers has become an even bigger task. In addition, consumer demand has changed. If a gym fails to provide excellent service, attracting and retaining customers becomes increasingly difficult as they become upset when their expectations are not met.


The consumer journey begins the moment someone decides to book a session (before the visit), receives the product or service (during the visit) and ends the moment they leave and become a representative of the company or until the customer leaves (after the visit). During this journey there are several touchpoints; moments of contact between potential new customer and studio.


The touchpoints play an important role during the Journey and in the positive experience of the potential new client. They leave a positive impression of the studio and its service/product, which leads to the customer purchasing something and/ or coming back. These touchpoints can occur through the website, by phone, face-to-face, etc. If a negative experience occurs, it can be a deciding point for the potential new customer to go to the competitor.


To attract and retain loyal customers it is important to create a positive customer experience. A beautiful experience adds value to the customer journey, which in turn contributes to their loyalty and retention. The experience should be smooth, delightful and memorable. In order to improve the Customer Experience, it is extremely important to understand their needs. When you have a complete overview of your customers and their requirements and preferences, you can be much more effective and accurate in determining how to improve your products and services. The customer journey is about the customer themselves, not directly about sales. This is the only way to realize a positive customer experience and build a long-lasting customer relationship. The Customer Journey helps you define what influences the potential customer to buy something or sign up for a membership. The result is that the product or service can be adapted to create added value.


The customer journey should be branded and distinguishable to attract loyal customers. Components of a brand-worthy customer experience include the brand’s promise to be clear and fulfilled, to bring value to the customer, and the characters of the employees. During the Experience, various tools can be used to enhance it. These tools can be crucial to differentiate from its competitors. For example, integrating technology into the gym experience has become a customer need as many members are interested in their personal progress. Fully integrated software is the need of many members.


In addition, members want to be treated individually and personally and want to know who they are dealing with. That’s why the interaction between members and trainers should be optimal during all touchpoints. In case of questions or performance delays, the member should be answered appropriately. Throughout the customer journey, personalization is important for members.


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