All in one club pack: Hardware and software


With the all-in-one club pack, users receive a uniquely numbered chest belt, or have the option to login with their personal Activio Smart Belt. This measures and transmits heart rate data wirelessly to a computer with a high accuracy and stability. After logging in on an easy-to-use touchscreen display, each user can instantly monitor their heart rate data on a widescreen display or a LED screen.
The motivating power of being able to monitor your exact heart rate is great, helping users on all levels to improve their performance and get the results they want.


There is a central control unit with touchscreen interface for quick and easy user login and instructor control. Another option is to control the Activio Solution with the Virtual Trainer App.


The displays privately presents every users’ exact heart rate. It is incredibly motivating for users on all levels! If Activio Virtual Trainer is installed, participants can also follow the instructor’s direction for the class, making it easy to prepare and plan your workout.


On users can immediately analyze their heart rate data and performance in a web based personal training diary. All training data is uploaded after each training session to the cloud at


The software is designed as a mobile solution for both individual training, personal training and group training. The Tablet software can be integrated as a flexible component to an already existing Activio solution. Users simply put on a chest belt, log in on the Surface tablet or laptop and join the heart rate training. Individual heart rates are then continuously presented on the integrated display or on a projector or LED screen. It can be extended to support power (watts) in the cycling room as well. The Tablet software has a long range and is designed for secure transmissions, even in environments with high levels of interference.

What’s in the All-in-one pack?


– Activio club software
– Activio club App
– Receiver unit
– Panel PC (touch screen) terminal with Wifi
– Remote Support Software (Virtual Trainer remote app)
– myActivio
– Virtual Trainer

No. of users: up to 80 users simultaneously
Range: up to 300m
Battery life: up to 1.500 hours* (approximately 300 hours if used every day for 1 hour)
Wireless technology: ANIPTM Activio Non-Interference Protocol and Bluetooth Smart