At Activio we aim to be the best, nothing less. We don’t believe in settling for second. This is also one of the reasons we created the Activio Educational Plan™. The goal of this is to not only ensure the highest quality and education level of our Master Trainers, but to be able to deliver the most value to our customers as well as everyone else.

In 2017 we took a big step by hiring Dr. Kenneth Jay, a Danish PhD in exercise physiology, to come and further educate our staff and Master Trainer team with the newest science on training, both with Watt and with heart rate. We do this to make sure that we can deliver the best courses in the marketplace and that our Master Trainer team is always up to date with the newest science.
Another step of the Educational Plan, that was launched during the fall 2017, was the development of our Activio educational platform – a integrated part of our website dedicated to knowledge and free for everyone to use.

This part of the website, will among other things, provide inspiration for instructors on how to build classes, inspiration for mixing music, links and articles on the latest science of heart rate and power based training. In addition it will feature a lot of knowledge on how heart rate based training and physical activity can help facilitate learning in schools, as this is one of our favourite areas.