Kenneth Mose; “I know exactly how hard I pushed myself”


I usually have a busy schedule, and like to get the most out of my time. I set goals for myself and my clients, and want to know where I am at and what’s still ahead of me. With Activio I get exactly what I need.

Worth every penny!

To make sure I keep challenging my clients, I have 5-minute weekly Skype chat sessions with my customers about their progresses. We go through their weekly report on, and then I adjust the training plan accordingly to the weekly planner.

Workout wherever

Since I started working with the Activio heart rate belt, I take it everywhere. So if I want to do a quick run and a shower between meetings to get my heart rate up, I know exactly how hard I pushed myself. It works great with my phone.

Watt = power

In my weekly group spin class I get the added bonus of knowing how much energy the group is giving, because the bike connects directly to the Activio screen. It’s extremely effective, because sometimes the smart decision is to keep your heart rate steady, and maybe not get that 1% extra power.

Innovate yourself

I’ve seen the effects of better data in my own business. And when I started applying this to my own life and that of my clients, I immediately saw faster progress. My telephone is more than a gadget. It’s a tool for change, a platform for communication, and a way to keep in contact with my trainer.

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