Emma Freedman: “With every heartbeat I see exactly how much I still have in me”


I can use some extra energy, especially in winter. I love the fact that I can work out with my friends, because I can use the motivation. I know I’ll feel better after, and that I’m still making progress.


Sometimes, you just don’t really want to go. Having low energy and getting there is half the battle. But when I do, the trainer notices and gives me that extra push. And that’s why I keep coming back.


I’m really looking forward to summer. There’s nothing better than being able to go outside, especially with the whole group. The trainer just brings his tablet, and we can workout wherever we want to. And afterwards we can see exactly how we have done.

Clear feedback

Look, everybody wants to stay in shape, but sometimes it feels like you just don’t have it in you today. But with every heartbeat I see exactly how much I still have in me, and what is coming. And sometimes I take it a little bit slower.

The challenge

Because training with Activio is tailored to your own max heart rate I can compete with my friends, but at my own level. My maximum heart rate might not be as high as my best friend is, but we both have our dials full in the red during the high intensity parts. This ‘friendlier’ form of competition might even be something for the students in my school.

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